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Size Matters

What did you say? We have all heard this line and it does stir several conversations.


I give the same reaction as you. Until I attempted something and realized that the statement is true.


A Quick Story To Help


I recently got together with a good friend of mine and suggested a series of teleseminars and webinars to provide some great value. She told me that she would be happy to provide the information and send to her database. Now typically from my many years of presentations (over 200 per year), happenstance indicates that most people register 72 hours, 24 hours and then finally 12 and 4 hours before any event. Not so with Jennifer’s list!


Within the first 48 hours we had 486 people, and within the remaining four hours – 871!! Wow! The reason was two fold; good value and just as important a good list of over 600,000.


This got me thinking about all of you and things I mention to all. The rationale for having a good practice is this a) offering value and differentiation so that patients become attracted to you like a magnet and b) the need to get to the masses.


Put One Foot In Front of the Other


To help establish your practice it becomes necessary for you to become more visible in the community. This creates awareness and enables others to understand the value and differentiation you provide.


True you are a physician but you must speak and act like any marketing professional. Remember a movie or song that has always left an indelible impression upon you. You have to think the same way. It is necessary for you to take the first step by thinking about what you do for your patients and how you help them is so different that no one, absolutely no one on this earth can emulate the value you provide.


Think Big


The next step is to create a database. No I am not implying a technological database but a series of steps and a methodology for you to meet and greet as many people as possible. See, when others know you and like you they tell others and when others know you and like you they tell even more. The more people you meet, the larger the community and the database. The database acts like a constant flow of water nourishing and feeding your practice so that you grow larger and larger.


Remember to grow you have to think big!

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