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Have You Ever Lied On Your Resume?

For those of you who are actively hunting for a job and want to attempt to get into organizations quicker than others, this information is for you. Here is a good amount of information on when to lie on a resume.

The job market can be ultra-competitive for new graduates. With no experience besides internships or clinical rotations, it’s tempting to embellish your résumé to beef it up and make yourself look more impressive. But is it worth it? Not at all, advise two career consultants. In fact, doing so could tarnish your reputation in the clinical laboratory field.

Facts and Embellishments
Drew Stevens, PhD, president of Stevens Consulting Group in St. Louis says embellishment and flat-out lying are similar, yet different. “There are several differences and this is where the résumé process gets quite hairy,” he says. With the recession, many individuals are claiming they do things they do not do.

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